Join Us in the Founder's Circle

Max & Madeleine started with a vision: giving our skin a healthier, more natural future. We’re on a mission to break loose the chains of harmful chemicals and provide the world with cleaner, more natural, skincare. We’ve made the commitment to healthier choices and changing the world, one skincare product at a time. The question is: are you ready to join us? We are looking to build a team of people with the same vision. If you’re ready to change the face of skincare, Max & Madeleine has an opportunity for you to earn an income from the comfort of your home while being part of our community. First, how does one become a Max & Madeleine team member? By enrolling with one of our business starter kits! Once you are enrolled as an independent advisor, you’ll have the ability to spread the word about Max & Madeleine and get products into the hands of others by hosting parties and building your own Max & Madeleine network by bringing other people on to your team. Why become a Max & Madeleine team member? One word: BENEFITS. As you meet various benchmarks and move up the ranks through hosting parties and growing your team, you’ll be welcomed into the Founder’s Circle: an exclusive position on our core leadership team along with the Co-Founders of Max & Madeleine, Melissa and Carolynn Here are a few perks of being part of the Founder’s Circle:
  • Sharing a percentage of the profits of the company.
  • Eligibility for a $2500 bonus. We offer this bonus to qualifying members who add 2 more people to their team who also achieve Founder's Circle status.
  • VIP status seating at all Max & Madeleine events.
  • Become an active participant in the Max & Madeleine Founder's Advisory Council which leads the strategic development of programs and processes for the company.
  • Receive FREE attendance at delegated company events.
  • Be featured in articles for company communications.
  • Test market products (feedback) prior to launch to the sales field.
Intrigued? Click here to learn more about the Max & Madeleine Founder’s Circle and how to qualify.