Bedtime Made Simple

“Mo-o-o-m! Da-a-a-d!” It’s the common call that comes from a child’s bedroom just moments after parents step out and say good night. For many families, bedtime can be a turbulent ride, full of tantrums, ultimatums, bribery, tears and numerous call-outs. It can be just plain tiring! We live in a hectic culture, with a very “go, go, go!” attitude. Kids have more homework than ever, yet less recess. After school activities add up, leaving families to run around all evening. So, it’s hard to give bedtime a proper focus, often leaving kids overtired and not prepared for sleep. It’s important for kids to have a regular bedtime, and part of a calm bedtime is creating a comforting and familiar bedtime routine. This can be done in a calm and natural way, and we’ve got a few tips on how to get there.

Create a Routine

Kids need to know what’s coming. A familiar routine, even if it’s loose, signals to the body and mind that sleep is coming - so get prepared! Start by choosing the desired time you’d like to have as light’s out, then work backwards to create a routine that leads up to it. A great example that can be adapted on hectic nights would be: Bath time, Story, Sing, Lights Out.

Start With Relaxation

Doesn’t a bath sound totally relaxing right now? It's a great way to get adults and kids alike to wind down. Keep bath time fun but not over stimulating. Speak in low tones, try not to rush, and even consider dimming the lights if that option is available to you. Next, use natural bath products to clean and relax your child. This is especially important because many parents are unaware of the ingredients in baby products that can be harmful to their children. We’ve shared the concern we have for the Dirty Dozen chemicals in our skincare and beauty products, but those same chemicals are present in our children’s products as well! Look on ingredient labels for parabens, synthetic colors, fragrances, triethanolamine, mineral oil and propylene glycol to start. These chemicals have been linked to health hazards including cancer, organ system toxicity, pore-blocking and more. So, opt for Max & Madeleine, whose goal is to be honest and natural 100% of the time. Max & Madeleine’s Foaming Baby Shampoo & Gentle Wash is mild and fragrance-free, to keep scent stimulation at a minimum. It also leaves a baby’s skin soft and refreshed - the perfect way to head into bedtime! For older kids, grab a bar of Max & Madeleine’s Lavender Soap or scented Shower Gel.   Lavender is a natural relaxant, which will signal the body to start winding down even during bath. Our Bar Soaps are organic and work to sooth and hydrate the skin. Our Shower Gel is just as gentle on skin as Baby Wash but provides a little more cleansing action for active toddlers and older kids. End bath time by locking in moisture! Babies will benefit from our Baby Lotion, while older kids will feel hydrated with our All Over Moisturizer. Consider spritzing the hair with our Conditioning Hair Detangler, and get those knots out to avoid hair brushing stress come the morning!

Pick an End Time

After bath, continue the wind-down with a story. The rhythmic reading of children’s books is a great way to relax. But the most important part of bedtime is to pick a reasonable End Time, which will be when lights go out. Make sure it’s a time that is not too early, but not too late, so as to avoid dealing with overtiredness. Although it may be hard, work to stick with the routine. Over time, your nights will become less turbulent and heading toward a natural state of calm! For more information on Max & Madeleine products, visit our website: