Beyond the Label

Beyond The Label Have you ever looked at a label for a beauty product that reads, “You can use this for EVERYTHING!” Well, probably not. As far as beauty products go, multi-purpose isn't really how most would be classified. We've got creams bursting out of our medicine cabinets. One for practically ever body part—there are creams specifically made to combat wrinkles, under eye serums, lotions just for our faces, for our feet, and then there are the standard hand and body creams. Our bathroom cabinets are stocked full of goodies, each with just one purpose—and while they might do a dang good job at what they're intended for, it seems our ever-dwindling shelf space likely won't be thanking us any time soon. Perhaps, though, you're just not aware of the full-potential of your pantry potions. Take coconut oil, for instance, it's quickly become the jack-of-all-trades. From the kitchen to the bathroom, coconut oil is being used for cooking and baking as well as oral hygiene and skin care. Have a shelf stocked with Max & Madeleine goodies? You're in luck. Many of our products have a ton of alternate uses, too, that allow you to get the absolute most out of every product. We're highlighting four Max & Madeleine products that really pack a punch! Max & Madeleine's Healing Balm:  - Perfect for dried, chapped, cracked skin to moisturize - Soothe symptoms of sunburn (For best results: put on at night before bed, and wake up in the morning with little to no sunburn) - Soothes chapped nipples for breastfeeding moms - Stretch marks—using Healing Balm on the belly during pregnancy can help to reduce stretch marks and also alleviate the itching as skin stretches - Aids in cellulite reduction - Acts as a gentle makeup remover (Apply a small amount to the face and use a washcloth to remove dirt and makeup, safe to use around eyes) - Aids in tattoo healing - Helps with eczema and psoriasis - Can be used for cradle cap (Apply to baby's scalp and remove with a wash cloth) - Helps to soothe and protect diaper rash - Great to use as an intensive nighttime face and neck moisturizer - Reduces wrinkles - Softens cuticles - Can help to heal rashes and skin reactions (To make sure that this is okay, consult with your doctor first!) - Alleviates razor burn - Moisturizes and soften scars Max & Madeleine's Boo Boo Stick:  - Heals minor cuts, scrapes, burns, etc.  - Acts as a cuticle softener - Can be used as a lip moisturizer - Aids in tattoo healing - Relieves symptoms of razor burn and cuts from shaving—it stops the bleeding immediately! - Alleviates skin irritations - Moisturizes and soften scars - Can be used for anti-aging/wrinkles, specifically around the eyes Max & Madeleine's Breathe Balm:  - Helps with allergies - Works well on stuffy noses and alleviates sinus problems - Helpful for those who suffer from headaches - Reduces congestion - Soothes stomach aches Max & Madeleine's Diaper Cream:  - Soothes razor burn (especially bikini area) - Helps with rashes associated with Candida - Acts as an alternative to deodorant, and prevents underarm sweat - Reduces puffiness around eyes - Reduces chaffing (thighs or under breasts) - Prevents clammy hands - Can be used on feet to prevent sweating and odor - Can be used to dry up pimples The bottom line? Get to know your products. While the label promises one main use, there could be many more. Understand ingredients, learn their purpose, and find out other ways you can be using the products you have at home. Someone had to be the first to put hemorrhoid cream under their eyes... Be a pioneer!