Help Your Teen Start 2016 Right

It’s a new year, and many of us are excited to focus on the “new you.” Whether we embrace New Year’s Resolutions or not, we all look at the new year as an opportunity to start fresh and new. We make goals, with the hope that this is the year we actually achieve them: eating better, working out more, being kinder to strangers. Whatever the focus, we want to end the year a better version of ourselves. Regardless of your age, it’s important to take care of yourself, which is why so many new year’s goals involve health-related issues. One that is often overlooked is our skincare. With skin being the first line of defense for our body, it should be our top priority! So it only makes sense that we start good skincare habits when we are young. The pre-teen (“tween”) and teenager years are a huge disrupt to the body. Hormones are in full force, and the shape and function of the body is in flux. This is a prime time for skincare to become a focus, as skin becomes one of the first places we begin to see the effects of raging hormones. With bodies changing so much during pre-teen and teenage years, natural skincare is so important. The first step in good skincare habits is not buying the right products; it’s having the right conversations with our kids. We have the opportunity to inform our kids about the importance of skincare, as well as what is in our skincare products. As adults, we can look back and realize we never knew what chemicals we were putting on our skin. With our help, our kids can embrace knowledge and make better decisions. Tweens and teens are at a higher risk of an increased toxic load as a result of their tendency to try lots of different products. Some teens go through products for aesthetic reasons: does the product smell good? Does it feel good? For others, it’s a matter of efficacy: does the product clear up my acne? Does it make me less greasy? They’ll try as many products as necessary to fit the bill. But if they aren’t aware of the dangerous chemicals in the many products they are sampling, it leads to the disastrous outcome of bodies already unstable with hormones now loaded up with toxins. In a study conducted in 2008, researchers tested the urine of babies for chemicals. In the babies that had been recently soaped or slathered with baby products, such as shampoo, powder or lotion, the urine produced high levels of phthalates. This is one of the 12 chemicals we discussed in our Dirty Dozen blog post. These harmful chemicals can be found in many of our haircare, skincare and beauty products, particularly phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde. These chemicals are linked to fertility issues, cancer, hormone disruptions and topical issues, such as rashes and skin irritation. Now imagine our tweens and teenagers, utilizing shampoo, cleansers, makeup and hair products. They are now a larger version of the babies from the 2008 study. We need better for our kids - and it starts now! Once you’ve had an opportunity to educate your teens about the importance of natural skincare and skincare products, the next step is to put the right kind of products in their hands. Max & Madeleine has worked to create skincare products specifically designed for teenage bodies. As with all of our products, we are committed to never using any harmful ingredients in our products, making them 100% safe and non-toxic. So both you and your teen can feel confident using them!

The Max & Madeleine Teen Line includes:

WASH! Gently and naturally cleanses and exfoliates, removing dirt and excess oil, without disturbing the skin’s natural balance. HYDRATE! This light moisturizer is everything the skin needs to function at its best. It’s a complete supplement that provides skin with a daily dose of nourishing natural and organic nutrients. BANISH! This highly concentrated solution helps to clear skin.