How to Create a Treat Yourself Gift Basket

It’s gift-giving time. And while some people are super predictable (yes, Uncle Frank, you’ll be getting that cheese and sausage gift set - don’t worry), others can be really difficult to buy for. Gift cards are universal, but can seem impersonal. A new tech gadget can be thrilling to receive, but these items can break the bank.

So why not give something that is unique, reasonably-priced and personal: the gift of experience. Give the people you love a gift of time to enjoy something fun and exciting. The great thing about this gift? It’s not something you receive, open and set on a shelf. It’s something to sip and savor, and is truly customizable depending on the recipient.

One of our favorite gifts of experience is a Treat Yourself Gift Basket.

Think of it as a day at the spa, right in the comfort of your own home. What woman couldn’t use a few hours to soak in the tub, filled with fantastic spa products, while sipping a glass of wine and reading her favorite entertainment magazine?

The gift basket can be catered to different preferences, but here’s an example of what you can throw together:


Red or white? It doesn’t matter. Grab a bottle of her favorite wine and tie it with a bow!

Reading Material

Whether it’s the latest New York Times best-selling novel or the latest gossip magazine, having some reading material to enjoy is a must.

Something Sweet

What goes better with wine and spa treatments than chocolate? Go for the gourmet variety to make the gift extra special: a bar of Godiva or Éclat Chocolate truffles.


Set the mood with lighting. A beeswax candle with a fresh scent keeps the “spa room” lit without being overpowering, allowing the mind and body to relax.

Spa Products

The best indulgence is to treat your body right! The Max & Madeleine line of body treatments for bath time are the perfect addition to this holiday gift basket. Add some Bath Fizzes to the water for an effervescent effect. Our Organic Bar Soaps and Sugar Scrubs (in flavors including Honey Lemon Lavender, Vanilla Cinnamon or Citrus) are a great way to wash away the day and replenish the skin. Don’t forget our amazing Healing Balm to lock in moisture post-bath!

Choose a gift box for presentation, either a rustic wicker basket or a contemporary white box, and fill it up! After all the hard work of putting together this fantastic gift, you’ll deserve a spa treatment of your own - so stock up and make one for yourself while you’re at it.

Happy gift giving!