Max & Madeleine-How a company changed my life!

By Stacey Town   It was 1996. I sat there on my hospital bed looking at this bag that seemed so intriguing, so amazing yet so small I couldn’t believe it was actually saving my life.  This bag looked like blood but it wasn’t. No I wasn’t getting a blood transfusion but a bone marrow transplant. The bag was the marrow of a donor, an unknown hero, a stranger who was saving my life. I will admit I was so nervous yet excited that they had found a donor and now it was going into my body hoping to renew itself by making better cleaner marrow. I will also admit I was sad. Sad that my own marrow that had been my life force for 26 years was now causing my demise and had to be destroyed completely by major strong high dose chemotherapy in order for the new marrow to do its thing. Well to make a long story short it worked!!  The stranger’s marrow saved my life!      From that moment on I told myself I would do whatever it took to stay healthy.  I would eat better, exercise more, and stay away from toxic things in order to rid my body of the toxins they needed to use to destroy my own blood and marrow. I was already the healthiest I could be at 26 years old but I I still got cancer.  I did believe that doing all the right things before, during and after I had leukemia and a bone marrow transplant would help me stay cancer free forever. Now flash forward 10 years later to 2006.     The year I celebrated my 10th bone marrow transplant anniversary I was hit by another shocking blow. My mom who was my caregiver was now the patient and I the caregiver. She was diagnosed with stage IV uterine leiomyosarcoma in November 2006. To say the least I was sad but mostly angry.  Sometimes things are not fair and though she was as healthy as a horse when she was diagnosed and fought a brave fight for a year she passed away December 16, 2007 at the young age of 59. My father in law also passed away in October 2000 from cancer so after my mom died I dedicated myself to being a cancer advocate and doing whatever it took to stay cancer free and make good choices about my health, my body, my skin, what I ate, sun exposure, get yearly checkups etc.  Flash forward 12 years later. It was November 2017 and I was at a Christmas craft and vendor show with my sister and I walked by a table and it smelled so good. I chatted with the girl behind the table about the company and products she was selling. She told me the company was started by two moms in 2016 and everything was all natural, non-toxic, vegan, organic and everything you see on the ingredients list is what you get. No hidden ingredients, no chemicals, no fragrance, no words you can’t understand just pure, simple, and natural ingredients.  She let me sample some and I continued to walk around. After about 20 minutes the product I put on my hands was amazing. I went right back and bought it along with another. She gave me her card and I went home. The products were the Healing Balm and the Boo Boo Stick. The next day I was still in awe and how much I loved these two products that I messaged her and looked online at the company and after reading about it I thought to myself, “Hmmmm I think I need a change, I need to do something all for me that is good for me and will help me help others take care of themselves too.”  It literally took me less than two days to decide I want to be a part of this amazing company so I called this girl named Lynn and signed up! It wasn’t expensive and it wasn’t hard. In 5 minutes I made a change in my life to be more of an advocate for a cleaner, more pure and natural way of life. I had used other natural products since my transplant; so many more I can’t count but something stood out about these in just one day that I jumped on the natural bandwagon and haven’t looked back. I am proud to say on November 25, 2017 I became an independent advisor for an amazing company started by two amazing moms called Max & Madeleine and I have not looked back but continue to keep moving forward!     Yes I will admit a bone marrow transplant from a donor, who I have met since then, saved my life over 22 years ago but Max & Madeleine changed it. I have a job. I have a great job. I work for my family business beauty salon business in Michigan and I do the advertising. I am also an exercise instructor and volleyball coach. However realizing that I was almost 50 that November made me think about my life and what have I done and where am I going. I have a wonderful family, kids and husband and job but sometimes we need to take a step back and look, really look if we are doing everything for everyone else or are we doing something for ourselves. My kids are grown up and we are almost empty nesters and I just realized I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to jump in feet first into something I was truly passionate about. Max & Madeleine was that jump!! I am passionate about helping those going through cancer, leukemia and transplants but I am also passionate about a healthy way of life and Max & Madeleine fell into that category and I couldn’t be happier. say it is!    On that note, lastly I just want to share a story about the trip I just took. My daughter who was only 1 when I got sick is now almost 26 and lives in LA. I flew out there so we could take a Pacific Coast Highway road trip to Carmel by the Sea. While there and strolling through the cute artsy and a little costly village an Italian man called out to us from his shop and had some free samples of soap. He called us sisters but he was a salesman so who knows if he meant it lol but it still made me feel good. Anyway I knew he wanted to sell me something but I played along. He sat me down and asked what I used for my skincare. I proudly answered “Max & Madeleine.” He said, “Hmmm never heard of that.” I said, “It is a newer company that is all natural pure products.” He replied, “Well would you ever think about using something else,” I said, “No.” He asked me why and I said because I believe in it so much that I sell it now. He actually rolled his eyes a little. So I am already trying to keep it together.  I told him again that it was natural, non-toxic and organic. Well almost immediately, because he knows he won’t make the sale, he got very rude and said, “Miss our eye lift serum is also organic.” Quickly he showed me ingredients but it wasn’t all natural just because cucumber and avocado were thrown in there. I told him I wanted to be honest so I didn’t waste his time because I would not be buying it. He asked what other products we sell. I told him we just started a new makeup line and he looked at me and said, “Well ma’am no makeup is completely organic and natural.” I said, “Well maybe yours isn’t but ours is.” He looked at me and said, “Okay thank you for your time,” and rudely walked away. I was so annoyed that one minute he is kissing my butt and after I was being honest with him instead of wasting his time and he could have just said thank you anyway he was rude and basically said our products were not what we say they are. I never said he was lying and I was never rude. Honestly I wanted to go back to show him my breathe balm, boo boo stick, muscle miracle, eyeshadow and lip tint that I had in my purse to show him our ingredients and that we are an honest company and then punch him but I was so mad at how we were treated after I just decided to be the grown up and walk away.     While my daughter and I walked away stunned and laughing I then realized how proud I am of Max & Madeleine and what we represent.  I am not saying his $1500 bottle of stem cells with a little bit of cucumber and avocado won’t help make your eye area look better but if isn’t all natural I am not buying it period! I would rather look 50 than not be happy about what I am using. It also made me realize I am glad we sell the way we do instead of the fake rude way he was and many do.  On a side note I am also glad Max & Madeleine can help me financially a little right now to be able to go on spontaneous visits to Cali to see the daughter who was only 1 when I got sick. Life sure can come full circle sometimes and I am so glad Max & Madeleine is a part of my circle!! I wish my mom was alive to see how far I’ve come because I know she would be one of my #1 customers!