Max & Madeleine's Conditioning Hair Detangler to the Rescue

Ahh, summer. The season of sunshine, swimming pools, and beaches. Us east-coasters spend the months of November-May longing for the flowers to bloom and for summer to bless us with it's warmth. Many of us also spend a few of those months getting our bodies summer ready... But, how many of us really worry about our hair? We spend those long summer days sweating our winter blues away, soaking up rays, spending hours in the salt water, or chlorine. Unfortunately, those blissful summer activities can wreak havoc on our locks. So, how can you be mindful of your precious tresses while still enjoying all that summer has to offer? Leave-in conditioner to the rescue! Max & Madeleine's Conditioning Hair Detangler will leave you (and your loved ones!) with noticeably soft, smooth, healthy hair. Stacked with nutrient rich ingredients like argan oil, vitamin e, and jojoba oil, this product is truly a powerhouse for your hair! Use this leave-in conditioner on the go, or at home to give your locks a little TLC.  Added bonus?  Your hair will smell delicious too, thanks to ingredients like passion fruit essential oil combined with strawberry, coconut, and pineapple extracts. Post-Shower The most common way to use leave-in conditioner is post-shower. So, use Max & Madeleine's Conditioning Hair Detangler after your shower for noticeably shiny, hydrated hair! (With it's detangling ability, it will also make brushing out a breeze.) Side note: if you're someone who uses a curling iron, blow dryer, or hair straightener, using this regularly will also help with control and combat damage caused by heat styling. At The Beach What's better than naturally sourced, effortless beach hair? (Said beach hair sans fly-aways.) Tame those pesky frizzies by using Max & Madeleine's Conditioning Hair Detangler...spray area where your frizzies are most apparent—generally at the temples, and around the crown of the head. Using a leave-in conditioner at the beach can also protect from sun and salt damage! Poolside Spending hours in the sun, splashing around in the pool (and pool chemicals—looking at you, chlorine) can leave our strands feeling dehydrated, and almost straw-like. After a day at the pool re-moisturize and refresh your hair with Max & Madeleine's Conditioning Hair Detangler. It also doubles as a hair detangler, so brushing your hair—or your child's hair—will be much easier, and much less painful! Win, win.
If you haven't reached for the conditioner all summer long, Max & Madeleine's Conditioning Hair Detangler is here to help. This is not to mention that with summer coming to an end (cue the end-of-summertime sadness), you'll need something to keep your locks healthy and hydrated throughout the colder months, too. The tropical aroma will keep it feeling like summer all year round—and it's nutrient rich ingredients will keep your hair healthy and shiny throughout the seasons.