Meet Max & Madeleine

Meet Max & Madeleine!  Clearly these are not the founders of the company, but perhaps more importantly the heart of the story.  It is our experience that behind every great story is an emotional journey. As moms our emotional journey was sparked by the birth of our children. We like to consider ourselves health and wellness provocateurs...dedicated to sharing and promoting the knowledge and experience acquired over time to healthier living. It is different, however, once you have children.  It is no longer just about taking care of yourself, eating healthy, exercising, avoiding the results and risks of 'overdoing it" becomes bigger. Every product that we ever used that smelled too strong, caused itchiness, blotchiness or inflamed the skin came into question. So we created our own.

You will find with Max & Madeleine, only the bes and nutrient rich ingredients in our organic products that help nourish and calm even the most sensitive skin. We deliver products to you with transparency and integrity. Every ingredient is listed on our labels, all products are chemical and toxin free, many are vegan, gluten free, and always non GMO and cruelty free. We promise you that your family is an extension of our family and sharing healthier products with you is our way of celebrating healthier kids, families and communities. 

We want to be a voice in helping people make better choices to give their families healthier outcomes. At the end of the day, we make so many important decisions for our families: the best education, the best food, safety decisions like swimming lessons and car seats, extracurricular activities for more well- rounded kids and friends that make us better people. At Max & Madeleine, we believe the skincare products you choose are just as relevant. What you use on your skin, just like what you put in your mouth, should make you feel good. As a mom, you should feel comfortable that we have shared with you only the best products that we initially created for our own families. With Max & Madeleine our emotional journey continues.....we hope you will join us!